A week ago

A week ago, I was going to my grade eight graduation.
Today, I am compost, feeding grass and the flowers my father planted above me.
Why ? A man decided to check his email while driving.

A week ago, I was bringing home chinese food to my wife and two teen boys.
Today, I am carbon, floating on the wind, after the cremation.
Why ? A woman wanted to touch up her lipstick while driving.

A week ago, I was coming back with lettuce and tomatoes for a salad for myself and my daughter.
Today, I am a practice cadaver in a medical university for anatomy 101 for new surgeons.
Why ? A teen boy was showing off to his friends just how fast he could drive through a residential neighbourhood.

A week ago, I was checking the mail for my pension cheque.
Today, I sit in the unclaimed bodies freezer in the morgue - My family cannot afford to claim my body.
Why ? A man decided that six beers was just fine for driving.

A week ago, I was going to my girl guide meeting.
Today, I am somewhere in a river. My body was flung off the bridge and they still haven't found me.
Why ? A young lady was convinced that marijuanna doesn't affect how she drove.

A week ago, I was alive. I had hopes and dreams. I had plans.
Today, I am a fading memory.
Why ? Because someone was too selfish to think about what could happen when they turned that key.

Marc Bissonnette
July 22, 2010

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