Angelman Syndrome Sleep Medication Survey

Welcome to the Army of Angels sleep medication survey for children with Angelman Syndrome.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: It is extremely important to point out that this is not a scientific survey, nor is it intended to offer medical advice!
Due to the extremely differing natures of our angels, the variety of sleep solutions being used can be quite surprising. What works for some angels has absolutely no effect on others. More importantly: What works with some angels may have detrimental effects on other children.

This survey is meant to give you additional information to present to your doctor, as evidence of solutions that have worked for other angels. You should ALWAYS AND ONLY change medications for your child with the advice of and under the supervision of a licenced medical doctor.

It is also important, if at all possible, to have all prescriptions for any one given person filled at the same pharmacy; Your pharmacist can be one of your best allies for warning you about side-effects or drug interactions.

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