Angelman Syndrome

What can you do to make a difference?

There is a lot you can do. If you know an angel family, the first thing you can do is offer to babysit every now and then. Raising an angel can be very difficult at times. They must be supervised at all times, they need help with many basic needs of life and can be quite vocal despite having a very very limited (four words or so, on average) vocabulary. It takes a lot out of Mom and Dad. Sometimes, the most precious gift you can give a parent of an angel is an evening out by themselves. If you've got the space in your home, and don't mind child-proofing it in a major way, offer to take your friend's kids for a weekend. It'll guarantee you a place in heaven :) :)

If you don't know any angel families, there are many ways you can help with this syndrome. You can donate time and/or money to your local Angelman Syndrome society or foundation. If you would prefer your financial charity helps a broader base of your fellow human beings, look into donating to places that promote or actively research genetic disorders. A cure for Angelman Syndrome would mean so much more than just angels with a cure! There are so many disorders out there that are currently untreatable because we don't yet fully understand human DNA and how to manipulate it.

If you've got any political clout, help out by making sure that your community has active home-health care and respite services for all disabled people, regardless of their income.


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