Angelman Syndrome

Stupid Sayings by stupid people

The next page is a list of stupid, hurtful or just plain ignorant things said to parents of children with Angelman Syndrome. Make no mistake: These things are said to parents and families of many, many handicapped children.

The idiocy exemplified in these sayings aren't limited to the common person, the layperson or the 'uneducated'. There are quotes in here from stupid priests, stupid doctors, stupid teachers, stupid in-laws, even stupid parents.

If you are looking through this list and see something that sounds familiar, that perhaps you might have said to that person down the road with the special child, I have a suggestion for you: Bring a cake or a box of candies to that person's door tomorrow and tell them that you just came to the realization of what an ignoramus you've been. It's never too late to rejoin the human race :)

If you're the parent of an angel, and have some other pieces of intellectual vacuum that you've been subjected to that you wish to see on this list, please mail me and I'll be happy to expand the list!

On to the sayings! Stupid Sayings by stupid people

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