Angelman Syndrome

Stupid Sayings by stupid people

  1. First -- "your guys are saints". I could never do this! Said by so many people it blows my mind!!!
  2. Second -- she'll grow out of it!!From a psychologist,family,friends
  3. Third -- put her in an institution, she will forget all about you! Said by another psychologist!
  4. Fourth -- well, she's never been 8 before, she's never been 12 before she's never been 22 before. Said by her pediatrician everytime I have a question about some weird thing she is doing.
  5. Fifth -- Are you cousins? Said by a doctor who thought Jerry & myself had married and this is what happened to our kid because we were related! This still makes me laugh!
  6. Sixth -- Angelman Syndrome? Never heard of it! Said by many doctors and neurologists she has seen!

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