The Army of Angels is on a very simple mission:

Make sure our youth and young adults have basic essentials like food (nourishment), clothes (dignity), a bed (health and wellness), a bike (transportation), technology (access to advance themselves and learn), and a simple way to ask for help.

The achievement gap  is larger than ever. Inequity in basic necessities and resources can impact student achievement profoundly. Think about the mental, emotional, and physical difference between a student in a classroom who is driven to school by their parent, after a good nights rest, a hearty breakfast, with new clothes on, and a new laptop; and a student in the same classroom who is absent after walking to and from work the night before, woke up late after sleeping on the floor, no breakfast, missed the bus, clothes that are two sizes too small, and no laptop at home to work on assignments. This situation is happening daily in our community.

The Army of Angels, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization led by high school teachers Kate Demory and Craig Russell who see first hand the inequities our youth and young adult face every day. This Army is full of Angels who are in the trenches every day doing their part to make sure our local youth and young adults have the essentials they need to achieve.

To our youth and young adults: We see you, we hear you, and we got you.