The Army of Angels, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports children, teens and young adults (0-23 years old) who have faced, or are facing significant adverse childhood experiences (ACE). We listen to our youth and aim to support them when, where, and how they need it, in real-time. We create volunteer opportunities for youth and young adults to serve and support their peers. We inform our community members, schools, and businesses of the immediate needs of our youth and young adults facing adversity and create opportunities for them to help.

For many teens who struggle with ACE, their schools provide the main source of stability and guidance through high school. The Army of Angels continues support after high school to bridges the gap created after they leave the school system so that every youth and young adult can persevere through adversity with the strength of an “army” behind them to become fully independent, educated, healthy, productive adults.